A few weeks ago I spoke with a business owner who was extremely sad because she thought her business was going to go under.  It’s a sentiment that I’m seeing echoed by many others.  Unfortunately, this may be the case for some but I truly believe there is opportunity for many businesses as well.

First though, we have to shift our mindset.  Rather than thinking about what you can’t do because of social-distancing, instead ask yourself “what can I do to make an impact in my business today?”

With technology being what it is today, we are all uniquely positioned to move our businesses into new directions.  In some cases it may mean “going digital”.  Meaning taking your existing business and providing those services online.  Examples of this that I’ve seen include:

  • Attorney’s doing Virtual Arbitration
  • Digital Notaries
  • Opening online stores in place of their brick and mortar

For others though, it could mean a complete shift in their business model.  An example of that might include a personal-chef who can no longer visit their clients.  They could consider taking “catering” orders and delivering food for the week.  Or even creating online cooking classes.


It really comes down to getting back to basics.  What problems are people having? Do you have a way to solve those problems utilizing current technology?  If so, then you are  ready to pivot.  

Please keep your heads high.  I know things can seem bleak at times, but there is still opportunity out there.  You just need to shift your mindset.  


Stay safe and healthy out there!

Sean Gough


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