Google Ads Services For Local Businesses 

Industries Served

We can help any business to prosper, but below are a few industries that have seen significant growth.

Home Services

If you’re looking to get more local clients and customers for your home service business, you are in the right place.

Law Firms

We know exactly how to create a stream of new clients for your practice. Book a call today so that we can get started.

Real Estate

Whether your looking for buyers, sellers or for people who need mortgages, we’re your best partner to grow your business.

Digital Marketing & Consulting

Whether you need a website, online advertising, ecommerce experts or just some guidance, we have all of your bases covered on the digital marketing front.

Speed to lead

One of the many “secrets” in our sauce is what we call the “speed to lead”.  When someone needs your help now, it’s important that they be contacted immediately.  We don’t just email you a list of names at the end of the month.  We send you their information right away AND we reach out to them promptly on your behalf.  Remember, if you wait for than 30 minutes to respond to a lead, the lead is already dead.

What is a lead?

A qualified lead is simply someone that is in need of your services. It’s important that you realize that just because someone needs what you have, it doesn’t mean they will automatically work with you. Our process doesn’t stop at providing you the lead, but in helping you learn to nurture  and guide the lead through the journey so they work with you.

The Owner

Sean Gough, the owner of Search Site Marketing, has been working in the marketing space for over 15 years. In that time he has worked on large enterprise brands, small “mom & pop shops” and everything in between.
He’s brought his expertise to the small business world with a goal to help everyone succeed. (And stay local to watch his daughter grow up)

Our Process & Workflow.

We know that we succeed when you succeed.  Our entire process is designed with this in mind from start to finish.

Whether you are lost on where to start or have concerns around budget, we’ll be there to guide you on your digital marketing journey.  Think of us as an extension of your company.
We meet with you to identify your marketing goals.
We create a plan that fits your needs and your budget.
Our team gets to work and rolls out the plan we discussed.
We continue to analyze results and improve your program over time.

Let’s Work Together

Contact us today to start the conversation. We’ll meet with you to identify your goals and come up with a plan to help you achieve them.